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Add Some Spirit to Your St. Patrick's Day Celebrations

Our performing groups are in constant demand for shows year round! The performances beautifully showcase the combination of power and grace that is the essential nature and common appeal of Irish dance.

The school has performing groups for any type of event. 

The senior group is made up of our most advanced dancers. These performances consist of stunning choreographed dance pieces that showcase the very best dancers and steps.

The “Tralee Company” is made up of younger dancers at the earlier levels of dance and offers a wonderful opportunity for these young dancers to become accustomed to performance while simultaneously bringing Irish Dance to audiences such as schools, nursing homes, fairs and festivals. These performances showcase the variety of dances, both solo and group dances.

Both groups are available for events large and small. Performances can be tailored to meet your specific needs.
If you would like further information, please feel free to inquire at the studio number, 613-883-9230

Some of Our Favourite Moments

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