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COVID-19 Updates

Pickup and drop off for classes will be done outside, only dancers and staff will be allowed inside the building The office and waiting area are closed and will remain closed until further notice. Dancers are asked to arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before their class, dancers will also be exiting 5 minutes before the end of class.  Depending on the studio you are assigned to, dancers you will arrive and enter through the main entrance but exit through the door of the studio they are assigned to - Studio A or B. 

There is 15 minutes allotted between each studios start time. This will give us time to sanitize the entrance and hallway before the next class is due to arrive. Dancers will wait outside until a teacher or staff invites them in. They will be asked to keep distance and then ushered to their designated studio. 

Once in the assigned Studio, there will be no contact of dancers between studios. Dancers will be required to use hand sanitizer upon arriving at the studio which will be located inside the main entrance. Dancers will also sanitize before exiting the studio (A huge thank you to Moncion Independent Grocer for the kind donation of our new hand sanitizer). Dancers will only be allowed to enter ready for dance class. SFH uniform, hair tied back, a small shoe bag and water bottle. Champ dancers arrive in running shoes for conditioning otherwise dancers should all arrive in flip flops or sandals that can fit in your shoe bag. Nothing will be left in the waiting area.  A small towel is recommended for dancers during rest times and as a sweat towel for those who may need it (must fit in dance bag on entrance and exit, ex no beach towel). Dancers that tape, plaster etc must do this before arriving at the studio. 
Young dancers that need help with shoelaces, parents are asked to use elastic laces at this time or arrive with shoes already on and tied.   

There are designated zones within the studio. We are asking all dancers to please respect the social distancing rules and remain in their designated spots at all time. Only when dancing full steps or full dances, dancers will be allowed off their designated spots, dancers will take turns dancing the full studio.  

Dancers will be required to forgo a dance class if they or anyone in their household is showing COVID-19 related symptoms (see list here:  If your child feels ill in class, they should let the teacher know and you will be contacted for immediate pick up. 
Parking lot. Parents please do not park on the same side as the studio. This area will be drop off and pick up zones for dancers only. Dancers will exit their designated Studio and wait for parents to pick up. This will be supervised for all young dancers for safety in our parking lot.  Parents are asked to stay in your car until you see your dancers, once you see your dancer you may come over for pick up.  Parents are asked to continue social distancing during pick up and drop off. Please clear the parking lot once this is done   

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