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About Us

The SFH Irish Dance Studio offers classes to dancers from 4 to adult. We have welcomed adult beginners 60 years of age and upward, so you are never too old to learn to dance a jig!

There are all levels of classes from rhythm and basic steps for the littlest of our dancers through to World Championship caliber. Competitive dancers are intermixed with recreational dancers and all make friends and learn from one another.

Competition is a key element of the Irish dancer’s life. Competition offers a focus for the dancer and, through it she/he can progress from Beginner levels through to Novice to Open Prizewinner and then on to the Championship levels of Preliminary Championship and Open Championship. To achieve the higher levels takes a great deal of hard work and dedication on the part of both the dancers and their parents.

Over the past decade, with the advent of Riverdance and Lord of the Dance, there has been an unprecedented surge of interest in Irish Dance. Along with that, there has been a huge new niche demand for recreational dancing in which Irish Dance is taken more for the enjoyment of the music and the dance form and less focus on the competitive aspect of the dance.

Irish dance is marvelous exercise, offering a high impact and high energy aerobic workout. Despite the lesser focus on competition, the dancers are still taught to perform the dances with the same adherence to proper technique and form. It takes no less dedication to dance recreationally and dancers are still encouraged to participate in our local Feiseana. The recreational dancers will prepare for solo competitions alongside their classmates and they will be included in the team dances that will participate in the competitions.


Our Team 

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